Good Health Habits – no crazy diets

I heard so many stories from mums who are desperate to get their pre-pregnancy body back. They go on crazy diets just because some friend did and it worked, and they think it’s going to work for them as well.


With exercise and healthy diet, you’ll most likely be back to normal weight within a year. Giving yourself some time through the process is better for your physical and mental health.


Maintaining a good healthy diet slowly and continuously will help you more than crazy diets, which lead to fatigue, changing mood and a chance of put on more weight than when you started.


I know you are probably thinking: how can I do this? Because it’s easier to buy take way or eat a packet of biscuits, or take away food. It’s convenient and a time saver, right?


I am a mum myself and I have my days off cooking and getting take away food as well. Choosing  to buy something outside is fine, specially for dinner. But choose the one that is healthier.
The rest of the week, be consistent in your nutrition and training. That is the only thing that matters. You have to commit to your nutrition like to a meeting.


Stay away from some examples of trap diets like: making shakes without eating food, vinegar mixed with water (cooking your liver). That is so crazy to see this on the media all the time. If you are desperate you will probably do it.

There is nothing better than real food; veggies, protein, all the things that come from the ground are good for us.


Listen, you’re going to crave stuff. It’s ok. It’s normal. We all do. And indulging isn’t a bad thing. Because, remember, no one ever got skinny from eating a salad just like no one ever got fat from eating a donut. Progress (in either direction) is all about time, consistency, and patience.


Give yourself a treat once a week. If you decide not to eat something…great.


Progress takes time and patience. Lots of both, and the sooner you realise the key to successful dieting lies in flexible dieting, the sooner you will remove all nutrition-related stress and can focus on the things that matter most to you (family, friends, etc).