Fads in Fitness

I have seen a lot of unrealistic fads in the fitness field and it can be very overwhelming and daunting for people who are new to exercise or who would like results quickly and don’t want to spend time in the gym.


Unfortunately, there is no short cut. I have to bring this up, not only for the mums who struggle after having a baby and would like to go back to their bodies before the pregnancy, but also for the new generation who probably see these posts often.


Be careful with this kind of marketing. Being healthy and fit is constantly eating well and have an active life.
It’s important to educate ourselves and talk to our teens about this. Another important factor is the hormone imbalance but this topic I will talk about in another blog post.

Below are just a few of the fads you have probably read or heard about:


Things like: Drinking shake or detox juice to lose weight, exercise that flattens your tummy, equipment that will help you keep your tummy strong, exercising in 4 weeks and building a strong butt and so on.


There isn’t a quick fix, keep in mind things take time.


1 – There isn’t a juice detox (detoxing isn’t actually a thing)

2 – It is not the exercise that makes your tummy flat, “IT IS WHAT YOU ARE EATING MAKES YOUR TUMMY FLAT” (Nutrition is the key here)

3 – There isn’t any equipment you put on your tummy that will get you results. It is your nutrition and the exercises that make that happen. And this takes time and effort.

4 – Building a strong butt takes time and even years, and you have to lift heavy weights for a long period of time. There is NOT a short cut (Gluteus are the hardest muscle in the body to grow).


So please do not get confused or deceived by any of those things mentioned above.


The truth is you will have to keep a training routine for a minimum of twice a week working on the same muscle group.
You also have to train the same muscle group with different exercises and alternate periods of heavy weight with low reps.


Another important factor is to choose those exercises based on your strong and weak points. Without a strength coach, you need to be aware of your individual weaknesses over the course of your main lifts and know how to train them.


Appropriate resting after your training is powerful: remember muscle fibres grow when you are resting. Tip: doing too much will reverse your results.
For example, if you train a muscle group one day and train the same muscle group again on the second day, it is not a good idea. You must understand what you are doing so you can constantly make changes and have a positive result.


Nutrition is everything. I keep saying to my clients if you don’t have good nutrition, it won’t work.


Again nutrition, training, rest and supplementation are huge factors to achieve this goal.


Remember before you start making decisions based on fads, make a plan and follow it.

Quick results go as fast as they come.

It is a slow process, step by step. Results will come, just believe and focus, stay positive and you are sure to succeed!