Injuries – How to avoid them


In my work I witness some  clients injuring themselves during the training session and outside of training. You don’t want that to happen, but sometimes it will.


You might play sports and be pushed by someone, get a broken a bone, sprains, dislocations, take a false step carrying furniture, picking up something from the ground, the list is enormous.


Some of these you can’t avoid, specially playing sports. But some you can avoid by bringing awareness, specially when you are training.


Yes, It happens with me as well.

But along the way I’ve learned how to recover physically and psychologically while continuing to train and improve.


Here are some things you can implement in your training:


You will have to pay attention to what you are doing, so it is not the time to talk. It’s like driving a car: you can’t talk on the mobile phone. You’ll get distracted and the damage is done.


If you focus on what you are doing, you will  benefit from your training session. You spend your time focusing on the basics and dealing with movement patterns.

You have to ask yourself:


1 – Am I in the right position to perform?

2 – Am I breathing correctly?

3 – What muscle I am working in this exercise?

4 – Where is the muscle tension?

5 – What can I do to perform better?


Now if you are injured in some stage of your life or if you are injured right now, you have to do something about it. You are not going to recover if you don’t do your homework.




The most important element of training through any injury is MINDSET. Your mindset will dictate how successful your recovery is.


Again ask yourself :

Am I doing what the medical practitioners told me to do?

If you want to recover faster, put things into practice. Do the exercise the physiotherapist, doctor or osteo or whoever it is gave it to you.

If you don’t, you will not be successful in your recovery. You must do it. It is your responsibility, no one else’s.


Keep moving, do what you have to do, because movement increases blood flow around the injuries as well throughout the body, and promotes exchange of waste and rebuilding of cells.


The result will be a speedy recovery.


I hope you enjoy reading this!