Health comes First


Transform your booty in 6 weeks, or even better, lose 10 kg and have your money back?
Sounds phenomenal right?
Rather than buy into a lie of the body beautiful, start with realistic plans and goals. Understanding the difference between short and long term effects is a good start, or understand what exercise and nutrition does to your body physically and mentally.
The truth is, you have to WORK HARD, you have to CHANGE YOUR HABITS and you have to work on your NUTRITION and more importantly on your training and building your STRENGTH.
Strength is crucial for all of us particularly as we age. We lose muscle mass after the age of 30 which is called “sarcopenia” and the older we get we become frail and unable to perform everyday tasks.


Strength training is a minimum of twice a week. The more you do the more you benefit. Muscle burns more kilojoules than fat and losing muscle mass as you age is one of the reasons people tend to put on weight. You are eating the same but you re not burning the same amount of energy, and slowly gain fat and lose muscle over the years.
Improve GUT function – Moving more often stimulates the gut to contract as the body moves and raises the core temperature. This influences the microbiome (boosting the levels of gut microbes that produce butyrate). Butyrate is a short-chain fatty acid that supports digestive health.
BONE IN ACTION – With age we lose bone. We need put a little stress on bones to stimulate production of minerals to stay strong.
HELPS keep glucose and insulin under control – When we are fit and muscles regularly training, it’s easier to control blood glucose because your insulin sensitivity is high. This helps avoid glucose highs and chronically high insulin. Both of which damage blood vessels and increase your risk of CVD and type 2 diabetes.
BRAIN Function – Research shows regularly training increase the size of the “hippocampus” which is the part of the brain responsible for memory and learning. Exercise also increases the connections between brain and cells.
BETTER SLEEP – There are a lot of things that deprive you from sleep such as stress and alcohol, but a lack of training is also one of them. Have you compared a day where you had a great training session compared to a sedentary one? Especially with weight training you will sleep faster and more deeply. A good night sleep helps repair, growth and the healing process of muscles.