About Me


My name is Soni. I am from Brazil and the owner and operator of Soni Health & Fitness. I am a fitness professional registered with Fitness Australia.

I have always been passionate about being fit and eating well but there were two key drivers that motivated me to pursue a career in fitness.

In the past I found gyms intimidating. I didn’t understand how to use the equipment and was scared of doing something wrong. I would usually just take a class as an easy option.

During my first pregnancy I worked with an inexperienced personal trainer who advised me to do crunches at 3 months which was not appropriate. I ended up with back pain both during and after the pregnancy. After 1 year of physiotherapy I found that core strength training was the only way I could resolve this problem and avoid back surgery.

As a result of these experiences I was determined to create a friendly and closely supervised environment where ladies can get the right advice about training and fitness before and after pregnancy. With the right advice and personal attention you can be confident about training without fear of injury in an environment that is not intimidating.


I have 6 years experience in the Fitness Industry. As a Fitness Professional I strive every day to learn something new to help my clients with the best service and advice they deserve.

As a 42 year old mother of 2 gorgeous kids who keep me extremely busy I understand the emotions and physical challenges of pregnancy as well as the demands of daily life for busy mums.

I also trained for 36 weeks in my second pregnancy. This time with the right advice ……I had the knowledge to do the appropriate exercises which helped me recover fast after my baby was born.

In addition to my fitness qualification I am also a member of Burrell Education. This is an amazing education provider dedicated to help and support Women’s Health and Fitness Coaches like me.

My aim is to bring the best service to you. Creating a program that gets results, helping you understand the physical and mental challenges associated with recovering from birth, early motherhood and beyond.

Training with Me

My approach is simple. First of all we women are awesome. We have the ability to create a human being. We deserve to feel sexy and to love and be proud of our bodies.

After my experience, I want help the others do it right. If you are pregnant or already given birth you must find the right professional to train you. Exercise has to be structured to increase your strength and make you feel better. You need slow progression, taking consideration of your health and physical condition.

My philosophy is to Do It Right”. You will always be closely supervised in small groups or one-on-one so that you have my undivided attention. I will teach you about the equipment and techniques to give you confidence in the gym. I will design a program that specifically addresses your current condition and longer term goals.

Nutrition and diet are equally as important as training, so I will help you with that as well.

-Consistency is an important factor in building or maintaining a healthy body.

-Our bodies are made to move not to stay still.

-Making the decision to change is your first step. Taking action is the second”.


  • PT Business Coach – Business Development
  • Managing Meal Timing & Cravings –  Nutrition
  • The Ultimate Nutritional guide for Improve Energy and digestive Health – Nutrition
  • Training Core & Strategic Stretching – (Anna-Louise & Lisa)
  • Pre & Post Natal Exercise Exercise – Pelvic Floor (Preggi Bellies International)
  • Post Natal Ab Rehab – (AFN)
  • Coach Clients To Success – (AFN)
  • Recognising & Correcting Poor Posture – BioMechanics
  • Understanding Muscle & Movement – BioMechanics
  • Strength & Conditioning – Stronger for longer Concurrent Strength
  • Certificate  IV in Fitness
  • Certificate III in Fitness
  • First Aid Certification (Expiring 24/01/18)