Pre & Post Natal Program

Pregnancy Training  


This is for core strength, flexibility and improving posture

The program is based on your currently health and fitness level at each stage of pregnancy. The training is broken into the 3 stages of pregnancy:

Stage 1 – The first Trimester

Stage 2 – The second semester

Stage 3 – The third semester

  • Introduce pelvic floor exercise and breathing technique
  • Posture and core stability exercises
  • Low-impact exercise to minimise stress and the joints and Pelvic floor
  • Strengthening exercise for maintaining body definition and prepare for the physical demands of labour.

Strength training is safe and one of the best ways to minimise aches and pains during pregnancy and helps you sleep better as well.

All the workouts are for strengthening your core and lengthening your muscles. Core strengthening will help ease backaches and improve your posture.

Benefits of training during pregnancy:

  • Support 40 weeks of the physical and psychological journey;
  • Maintain fitness and muscle tone
  • Maintain health and body weight
  • Keep you back in action
  • Improving your sleep patterns
  • Minimise aches and pains
  • Prepare for labour
  • Helps recover fast after the baby has arrived

Post Natal Program

Pelvic Floor Restore Program
Is essential to prioritise restoration of your core and pelvic floor for better function and post birth.
This program is designed to help you get strong from the inside out. I will guide you to reconnect with your pelvic floor, rebuild the core and heal Diastasis.
It’s suitable for new mums or any women struggling with a leaky pelvic floor and/or weak core.

Sessions run for a scheduled 6 weeks of reintroducing your body to exercise by combining a mix of pelvic floor work, core restore exercises, functional exercises and some resistance work to make it an enjoyable but deeply beneficial and safe way to get fit.

Your pelvic floor will be constantly worked, and your heart rate will be raised to help you lose weight and increase fitness whilst aiding the healing process that your body is going through since having a baby.

Nutrition is an important process of the healing so I will help with your nutrition as well