Success Stories

Yuen Fong

Yuen is a great woman who is very busy. She is a mother of 4 kids and to be honest I don’t know how she does it.


She trained with Soni Health & Fitness through her 4th pregnancy and returned after her baby girl was born to loose the extra weight she put on during her pregnancy.


Although she was busy, she never cancelled a session. She was committed to do the training and her nutrition plan.


Despite knowing that no words can describe my admiration for her I really appreciate the hard work she has put in.

She remains positive and focussed with a good mood even if she is tired.

The results are stunning: loss of 6.5 kg and 7.8% of body fat and gained 200g of muscle in 8 weeks

Yuen it is definitely a success story


Shila Barack

A strong women, mother of 2 and hard worker. She is the marketing manager of Well & Good.

When I met her she was working hard to grow her family company.

The first time we spoke she told me:

“I have to book with you now, I want to do this for me”

I would describe her change as transformational because her achievement really demonstrated what it means to be healthy.

It wasn’t easy at the start but no change we make in our lives is. We have to try.

She changed her diet, followed the training sessions and focussed on achieving results and ended up losing 14 kg.

She was also intimidated by the gym, which is very common for many who are new to exercise. Today this is not the case anymore.

The last conversation we had she was bubbling and happy.

I am happy Soni. I can run and play with the kids, feel lighter and sexy.

Shila Barack, another inspirational female